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Julien Escort Gay Geneva


34 years old Geneva (Plainpalais) Cities where I can travel : Montreux, Fribourg, Lausanne
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Covid-19 vaccinated


  • Languages French, Italian
  • Position Top
  • Style Bear
  • Safer sex PREP
  • Orientation Gay
  • Ethnicity Middle-east
  • Hair Black
  • Eyes Brown
  • Morphology Muscular
  • Sex XXL
  • Beard Bearded
  • Body hair Very hairy
  • Circumcised Yes
  • Height 192 (cm)
  • Weight 90 (kg)

Je suis un gars bien élevé et capable de démarrer et de tenir une conversation décente.
Lorsque je rencontre des gens, je vise une expérience personnelle, sensuelle et saine sexuellement, une expérience de petit ami.

Hey there,

I am a Southern European guy l; I am educated, well-mannered, and able to start and hold a decent conversation.

When meeting people, I aim at a wholesome personal, sensual and sexual experience; a boyfriend experience.

We could talk, cuddle, share a whole-body massage, play orally, or have full-on sex during our time together. Something more or different? Please message me your wishes, and let's take it from there ;)

Ideally, we'd meet for a short drink at your hotel or apartment, establish some connection, and then move to your bedroom.

I am attentive to people's needs and respectful of their boundaries. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have little experience meeting with men or you experience some form of disability. A date of ours should be a safer and carefree space for you to share and explore your desires.

A thing to note is that I always practice safer sex. I test often, and should something come up on my regular screenings, I will contact you promptly. Feel comfortable to share your status, or any other concern, with me and rest assured I understand U=U. I am fully vaccinated and boosted against corona.

I love meeting with folks of all genders, cis or trans, and couples. Do not hesitate to contact me whatever your gender; please message me your wishes, and we'll take it from there ;)

Your age and looks are not important to me - your attitude definitely is. I appreciate articulate reactions to my ad from people genuinely looking to connect.

Warm regards,



1 Hour 350 CHF
2 Hours 600 CHF
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