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Are you an escort?

Information, assistance & useful addresses*

You have chosen to offer your time and perhaps even some sexual services to clients.

It is YOUR choice and you assume it!

It is a business relationship in which both clients and customers agree to the service provided in exchange for a defined fee.

Your clients accept this principle and must also respect basic rules of etiquette and decorum.

You have the entire control over your body!

Only you can decide if, when, how and with whom you want to have sex.

Think of it as a human relationship above all. Each meeting must be done in the respect of the other and of oneself. 

Be clear about your services before making an appointment. A well-prepared meeting will be a successful meeting, will make a satisfied client and a fulfilled escort experience.

Discretion, honesty, respect and good manners are therefore the key words!

You have duties but also rights!

In Switzerland, the practice of prostitution is legal. 
(source: regulation of the prostitution market)
Two consenting adults may freely exchange sexual service for remuneration (in goods or money), provided that the prostitute performs this activitý independently and without coercion from others. 

This gives you rights:

  • The right to say no
  • The right to say stop
  • The right to have your questions answered
  • The right to consult a medical center in case of need
  • The right to get help if you have a problem
  • The right to denounce a client who does not respect the rules

Police, medical centers, lawyers, associations, there are many people who are there to ensure that your rights are respected.

Each canton is different and may have its own regulations on sex work. 

Find out the legal requirements for each canton at: www.sexwork.ch

Find tips in the LEXI App

In this application, you will find many tips for safety and health at work as well as basic information on legal regulations concerning work.

Emergency numbers in Switzerland:

For example, in Geneva*:

Download the guide to sex work

In order to work in Geneva, you must first attend an information session with the Association Aspasie.
These sessions take place daily. They are free of charge, without registration and are organized in the premises of Aspasie, rue des Pâquis 11, on the 5th floor, in Geneva. (more info: www.aspasie.ch)
Intended for anyone coming to practice sex work in Geneva, these sessions aim to inform on the main topics that are at the heart of the activitý health issues, rights and duties, securitý and prevention of violence and aggression, the tricks of the trade, or useful addresses in case of need.
The sessions are led by a team speaking 7 languages:
French, English, Romanian, Spanish, Hungarian, German, Portuguese

If you have been assaulted*:

If you have a health problem, an assault or any other question, you must ask for help! Don’t forget that prostitution is legal in Switzerland and that this gives you rights.

The association Aspasie gives you the following advices:

  • Put yourself in a safe place
  • Call the police
  • Get help from a resource person
  • Keep evidence of the assault
  • Don’t wash yourself (not even an intimate toilet)
  • Keep the clothes you were wearing at the time of the assault
  • Keep the condom if one was used
  • Look for possible witnesses.

In case of rape, you can ask for emergency HIV treatment (PeP) and emergency contraception to avoid unwanted pregnancy.
It is advisable to have your injuries noted by a doctor and to have a medical certificate established.
Contact an association, such as Aspasie, to assist you in your efforts. 

You are not responsible for what has happened to you!

 You have rights but also duties!

Conditions to be an escort in Switzerland

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Swiss or European nationality 
  • Register with the authorities of the canton in which you work
  • Paying taxes
  • Respect the laws in force

Useful addresses

Brigade against Trafficking and Illicit Prostitution (BTPI)
17-19 boulevard Carl-Vogt – Genève
+41 22 427 71 40

Support & accompaniment : Association Aspasie
11 rue des Pâquis – Genève
+41 22 732 68 28       site web

Night shelter : Association Boulevards
11 rue des Pâquis – Genève
+41 78 735 89 83       site web

Violence: Centre LAVI
72 boulevard Saint-Georges – Genève
+41 22 320 01 02       site web

Human Trafficking: Centre Social Protestant
14 rue du Village-Suisse – Genève
0800 20 80 20       site web


Gynecology emergencies
+41 22 382 68 16

Geneva Hospital Emergency Room
4 rue Gabrielle Perret Gentil – Genève
+41 22 372 81 20

HIV Service Geneva Hospitals
4 rue Gabrielle Perret Gentil – Genève
+41 22 372 96 17

CAMSCO (uninsured care)
4 rue Hugo-de-Senger – Genève
+41 22 372 53 11       site web


Checkpoint Geneva (medical and prevention center)
9 rue du Grand-Pré – Genève
+41 22 906 40 30       site web

Dialogai (help, support)
11 rue de la Navigation – Genève
+41 22 906 40 40       site web

360° (help, support)
36 rue de la Navigation – Genève
+41 22 741 00 70       site web

Le Refuge Geneva (home)
11 rue de la Navigation – Genève
+41 22 906 40 35       site web

Suicide, alcohol, drugs 

For adults
143       site web

For young peolple 
147       site web

 For teenagers
+41 22 372 42 42       site web

Drugs, alcohol 

 Platform 9 / First line
6 rue Pépinière – Genève
+41 22 748 28 78       site web

Crossroads Addictions
45 rue Agasse – Genève
+41 22 329 11 69       site web

Legal issues

Right Bank Legal Clinic
35 rue des Pâquis – Genève
+41 22 908 15 06       site web

Protestant Social Center
14 rue du Village-Suisse – Genève
+41 22 807 07 00       site web

53 rue de Carouge – Genève
+41 22 708 04 04       site web

Some other sites

All themes for 11-20 year olds

All themes for 18-25 year olds

Mental Health 

Suicide, depression

*Status as of July 2022
This page contains information from www.sexwork.ch & www.aspasie.ch 
BeMyDate is not responsible for its content. It is your responsibility to inform yourself of any changes in the laws in force.