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Val 26 years old Geneva
Val Escort Boy Geneva
LEAM 24 years old Geneva
Leam Escort Boy Geneva
Babass 29 years old Geneva
Babass Escort Boy Geneva
Id. 37 years old Geneva
ID Escort Boy Lausanne
diablito 23 years old Lausanne
Diablito Escort Boy Lausanne
Latinux 32 years old Geneva
Latinux Escort Gay Geneve
Ianas 28 years old Geneva
Ianas Escort Gay Geneva
BiFauve 36 years old Geneva
Chat Escort Gay Geneva
Adrien, chef @ Cook&Cock 44 years old Geneva
Henry 22 years old Montreux
Henry Escort Gay Montreux
José 28 years old Geneva
Jose Escort Boy Geneva
Léo 31 years old Lausanne
Leo Escort Boy Lausanne
Esteban 24 years old Geneva
Luís 31 years old Montreux
Théo 25 years old Geneva
Diego 28 years old Montreux
Diego Escort Boy Montreux
Marlon 33 years old Lausanne
Kev 27 years old Geneva
Charlie 47 years old Geneva
Max 25 years old Neuchâtel
Max Escort Boy Neuchatel
Maory 27 years old Lausanne
Jules 24 years old Geneva
Lego 37 years old Lausanne
Hugo 25 years old Montreux
Hugo Escort Boy Montreux
GuiGui 27 years old Zurich
Louis 38 years old Geneva
Louis Escort Boy Geneva
Dimitri 29 years old Lausanne
Dimitri Escort Gay Lausanne
Mathews 29 years old Geneva
Damono 26 years old Geneva
Pablo 27 years old Geneva
Pablo Escort Boy Geneva
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Anton 38 years old Lausanne
Thomas 28 years old Lausanne
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Escort boys in Geneva, for daring dates in Switzerland

The escort service is no longer a luxury reserved for men. In Switzerland, women can also offer themselves an escort boy for an afternoon, an evening or a weekend. On our web platform, discover the profiles of men who will accompany you in any occasion. Many escort boys from the canton of Geneva are already registered on our website and are waiting to meet you, whether it’s for a date, a private party, an afternoon of shopping… or a torrid night.

Escort boys selected and photographed by our team

Age, ethnicity, favorite neighborhood, language spoken, services…: get to know the BeMyDate escorts. Each profile has been checked by our team, the guarantee of not having bad surprises the D-day. This is also the case with our escort girls, as well as our gay, trans and lesbian escorts. BeMyDate also realizes the photos of the men whom you will meet soon. Independent and with the listening of your needs, these escort boys are with your small care. Knight servant of a day, companion of an evening or lover of a night, they accompany you in all occasions, without complex nor taboo.

A straight escort boy for a woman who assumes her desires

The sites of erotic advertisements of escort girls are numerous in Switzerland. From now on, women can also offer themselves the services of an escort boy in Geneva. And it is BeMyDate that invites you to make your choice among a selection of men’s profiles from all horizons. Latin, Mediterranean, Caucasian, young, mature…: the men present on our website will fulfill all your desires. Based in Geneva, BeMyDate guarantees your confidentiality and your reputation. Don’t wait any longer and dare ! Throughout Geneva, gallant, refined and considerate men offer to accompany you and make you live an unforgettable experience.

Enjoy Geneva on the arm of an escort boy

You don’t have the time or the desire to build a serious relationship with a man? Do you want to make your ex jealous or imitate your husband who uses escort girls? Do you dream of spending an evening without being constantly approached by strangers or simply to enjoy the company of a charming man? Or do you want to live new experiences and why not spice up your sex life? If, like many women, you recognize yourself in these situations, contact one of our escort boys.

For an evening in a chic restaurant in Geneva or an afternoon in the luxury boutiques of the city of Calvin, your escort is at your side and shares with you these moments of intimacy. Your knight in shining armor will also accompany you to your business dinners, during your weekends in Switzerland on Lake Geneva or for those events you don’t want to be alone. And if you feel like it, your escort boy can also offer you a little treat to be savored in the intimacy of a room. Romantic exchanges, erotic moments or nights of torrid sex: let yourself be surprised!

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